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That’s a wrap: the 2016 harvest is behind us! With a long finish to the season, we had grapes gathering concentration and intensity on the vine well into cooler weather. The winemaking crew is pleased, citing deep complexity and color in the reds and brilliant acidity in the whites. We can’t wait until these grapes find their way into the bottle and onto your table!

We are thankful for another great year and hope you enjoy this cozy season with friends and loved ones, and of course, lots of amazing food and wine!

The Bogle Family & Staff

Bogle Winery's Jody Bogle in London with Enotria Coe

A Week with Jody Bogle

As manager of the Export Program, Jody Bogle travels a few times a year to work in various countries where the wines are sold.  This fall, she kept a travel log of her trip to the UK, one of Bogle’s biggest international markets.

Saturday— As usual, I’ve left packing to the very last minute. So with 8 minutes to spare, I am zipping up my suitcase for my trip this week. Better throw in the umbrella…it is England after all. Saying goodbye to my girls is always hard…there are a few tears, but we won’t mention whose they were.

Sunday— After 18 hours of travel, I’ve arrived to my hotel in London. A bit late, so I have just a half hour before my first meeting with my importer. It’s casual, just to review the plan for the week with the other winery folks who have come in for the show. I hope there’s a glass of wine involved!

Monday— Rush hour in London! Getting to Paddington station to catch the train to Bristol for our first trade event is eventful, to say the least. But blue skies + Costa coffee = a great start to the week!

By 11am, we’ve arrived to our first trade tasting, where all the vintners will show our wines for restauranteurs and wine shop owners.  Some folks are familiar with Bogle, while some aren’t, so this is a great opportunity to share the story and make some new connections. 3pm is here before we know it, which means it’s time to head back to London.

By 6pm, we are pouring wine for guests at a tasting organized by the London Restaurant Festival. As the tasting concludes at 10pm, I’m off to grab—what else?—fish & chips from Poppie’s in Spitalfields, which has been here since 1952!

Tuesday— Today looks a lot like Monday, except we are headed east to Essex. It’s a shorter train ride, but another great chance to meet people interested in our wines.

Back in London again by late afternoon for a special event that I’ve been looking forward to: the London Festival’s restaurant-hopping tour. Five vintners, five restaurants, five wines paired with five dishes.  Guests “hop” to us and rotate every hour. I’m at one of the best Indian restaurants in the UK: Cinnamon Kitchen. Their spicy shrimp with apricot glaze is a perfect pairing with our 2014 Viognier.  What fun!

Wednesday— Today I’m honored to be on a panel called Women of Wine, held for members of the media and wine trade. We’re discussing the role of women in our industry and exploring how far we’ve come and how far we’ve yet to go.  For instance, did you know that 50% of the graduates from enology and viticulture programs are women, yet less than 12% of winemakers in California are women?  Bogle is proud that we have Winemaker Dana Stemmler to represent!

Thursday — Today, it is north to Newcastle, with trade tastings all day and another guest event tonight. This time I’ve had to repack my suitcase, (NOT an easy feat!) as I won’t be back to London. The long train trip is gorgeous as I watch the English countryside speed by. Sun and clouds shift over the green hills and the ancient stone walls amble aimlessly through the lush pastures. I finally use my umbrella as it is raining buckets when we emerge from the 15th century banquet hall where we were pouring wines for members of the trade. There is so much history here. Can you imagine how many glasses of wine, mead, and ale have been poured here in the last 600 years?

Friday— My work schedule was changed by the importer last minute (which is a pretty common occupational hazard!) and I won’t get to go to Scotland this trip. I’m pretty disappointed, as I love going back to Bogle’s roots, even if we are 8 generations removed from the homeland. That’s okay…I’ve called a couple friends and will spend my last day in the UK sightseeing and buying trinkets to take home to the family. A day off is an unexpected treat.

Saturday— By midday, I’m back to Heathrow and headed home. I’ll work on my follow up and write thank you notes to those I’ve met this week while I’m on the plane. After a week gone from my desk, I’m sure to need a shovel to dig myself out, so getting this done while in the air helps.

It is late when I land in California and make my way the two hours home to Clarksburg. My girls will be asleep when I get home…do I wake them up for kisses?  Absolutely!

Bogle trade tasting in Newcastle, UK, with Jody Bogle


Huckle & Goose cooking with Bogle's Essential Red

From the Farm to Your Friends

Ever meet someone and find that you connect instantly? And not just in the “hey, I liked that book too” way, but in the “let’s rent a condo and go on vacation together this summer” way. Bogle has found that in Huckle & Goose, a kindred family business started by busy moms who understand and cultivate the importance of our farm-to-fork priorities.

Started in 2013, H&G was borne out of a love for all things food. But in this world of year-round, perfectly red strawberries, cultivating the farm-to-fork lifestyle can be a big shift. Sisters-in-law Christine and Anca make planning local and seasonal meals simple, thoughtful and effortless. But beyond the weekly meal planning and amazing recipes, they share their passion about being mindful and intentional in everyday life: eating good food, sharing a table with those you love, and supporting local farmers and the local community.

Eating locally, whether it be from the local farmer’s market, food co-op, or a CSA box, makes a difference in a myriad of ways. The food just tastes better. It’s more nutritious. You waste less because you met the farmer who grew the broccoli and heard how difficult it was this year. “Even though farm-to-table has been trendy for a while now, there’s still a disconnect,” says Huckle. “There’s been such a departure from this way of eating in our culture…and cooking for ourselves in general. We wished there was a way for someone to basically take the best recipes, tell us what to make every week, spit out a shopping list, and everything else in life would just fall into place a little better.”

The Huckle & Goose website does just that, offering options for meal plan subscriptions including quick weeknight recipes, weekend brunch spreads, and everything in between (and that we here at Bogle can personally say are A-MAZ-ING). But beyond that, they offer an inspiring perspective on living sustainably, gathering together, and creating community with food, and of course, wine. These are all tenants that Bogle has held dear for a long time.

We encourage you to check out the H&G website, and Christine and Anca have graciously offered Bogle customers a 40% discount on any monthly meal plan by using the code COOKWITHBOGLE. They have been fans of our Essential Red for a long while now, which is what drew us together in the first place.

Perhaps someday we’ll all get to sit down together and share a table, but until then, we’re going to take Goose’s advice: “Pour a glass of wine, dance in the kitchen, and cook a dinner that you know will become a favorite.”

Huckle and Goose cooking with Bogle's Chardonnay

Huckle and Goose braised beef and Bogle Essential Red




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