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The Quick Ranch, located on Merritt Island in Clarksburg, has long been one of the Bogle’s best producing Petite Sirah vineyards. This 30 acre parcel, planted in 1995, has once again delivered fruit of intensity and concentration, and remains the source of Bogle’s ruby-style
Petite Sirah Port.
To produce a Port with this style of richness and ripeness, the fruit was allowed to hang on the vine an additional month past traditional harvest times. The sugar in the grapes intensified, and when selectively hand picked on September 22, 2008, was at 24.9 degrees brix. Fermentation began, but was halted when the wine was fortified. This allowed the residual sugar and alcohol content to stabilize and remain where winemakers wanted it for this dessert wine. Aged in neutral American oak barrels 38 months, the flavors became integrated and intensified, creating another stellar vintage.
Soft and succulent, rich and ripe, this Port overflows with decadent dark cherry, cocoa and pipe tobacco on the nose. Expressive and enticing, the dark fruit of black raspberries and elderberries seduces your palate and leads to touches of chocolate and caramel on the finish. Port ages wisely, and this bottle will be enjoyable for the next 20 years.

Vineyard Source:
Bogle Quick Ranch, Clarksburg CA
Harvest Date:
September 22, 2008 at 24.9 degrees brix
Barrel Program:
100% barrel aged in American oak for 38 months
Release Date:
November 2011
Wine pH:
Wine Acidity:
Residual Sugar: 10.0%
UPC: 0 80887 49201 3